Drawing from a combination of historical and contemporary material,  including written information, images, interviews, questionnaire responses, articles and sound recordings, Sex '69 will give a window into the commodified space of the Adult retail world and give a voice to the hidden and often stigmatised truth of Adult Retail proprietors, the workers and their unique milieu.

One of the project’s main aims is to ensure that the history of the Australian Adult Retail Industry is showcased in an accurate and respectful manner.  In order to do this we will access and include important photos and articles, relating to the Adult Retail Industry, from key archives including: the Eros Association Archives, the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) and from individual archives. 

Another of our main aims is to create a strong level of partnership with key members of the Adult retail industry. It is our hope that both owners and staff will be part of this project and will share their valuable knowledge, experiences and stories with us. In order that we have the 'voice' of the Adult Retail Industry included in this project, we will be sending out a questionnaire to both owners and staff to gain their valuable input.

Project Manager - Melynda von Wayward is a Creative Producer, Arts Manager, Subculture Historian and Mother of one.  In 2017 she curated St Kilda’s Alright: The Fred Negro Experience and in 2014 she curated an exhibition called Punk Journey: St Kilda + Beyond, that documented St Kilda as the epicentre of the Melbourne Punk scene from 1977-1987. Melynda is also the driving force behind ‘Punk Journey’, an online project documenting the History of the Melbourne Punk scene from 1977-1987. www.punkjourney.com

Theming and Support - Anthony Nagy (LLB, BA) is a Writer, Business Consultant and public policy Advocate.